What We Do.

Security Management Solutions

Having our management solutions means your security is worry free. We don't leave you alone after the system's are installed, we will continue to keep your security functioning and running so you don't have to lose sleep over it ... literally.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion alarms are part of the layered protection system required.  How they are used and how the response is coordinated is critical to overall security. 

24 Hour Response

Experienced eyes on your property analyzing what is happening and taking appropriate action while letting you sleep knowing things are being looked after.

Physical Access Control

Who is using it and when is your business facility being used.  Also the ability to control the use of the building after hours is a critical component of good security practices.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras allow us to accurately respond to incidents.  Just as important as knowing how to respond in an emergency is to know when to stand down and response is not required.  This leads to emergency responders confidence in knowing when they are called upon it is important.  

Our Lab Equipment Solution is built around our monitoring of freezers fridges and many other critical lab spaces. Where we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by seeing and then responding to equipment failures. We also provides maintenance, calibration and validation of equipment.

We also professionally install data cabling as part of our provided solutions to our clients. We don't just install new wire and leave you hanging - Secan removes old outdated wires,  skillfully install new wires. Test new wires and then terminate and label the wires. This ensures a start to finish solution to any data cabling needs.

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