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Secan Inc.

Secan Inc. provides many different services and take on even more roles for our clients. At our core we are corporate security consultants. We provide every security option necessary for our clients they are our top priority and we make sure that we put in the work to make them comfortable. 

Secan is also a licensed electrical contractor in the province of British Columbia. Our corporate mandate is to provide specialized consulting and technical services to businesses in British Columbia, Canada. Secan provides your company with management solutions and complete security and facility consulting. Also, our 24 hour monitoring service guarantees response to all emergency situations.

When you work with us you show that you are a well respected corporation who values the security of your staff and assets. 




The team here at Secan is a group of purpose driven individuals who care about what they do. Because of the type of work that we do at Secan there is a lot of trust that is given; first of all to us as a company but also to each of our employees. Relationships are built here at Secan, which translates to the best of care for our clients by us.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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