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Critical Monitoring Solutions

For Medical and Research Equipment

Using our years of critical monitoring experience and research we assure you that we have developed the best system available, monitored by an excellent team of professionals with zero tolerance for letting anything slip by.

Temperature, Humidity, and Incubator Monitoring Data Logging and Out Of Range Chamber Monitoring

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System Overview:

  • Data Loggers contain on-board memory to provide data redundancy at the point of measurement.

  • Data automatically transmitted to backfill any data gaps after any connectivity interruption.

  • Data safeguards include: Secure audit trail, system access controls, authority segregation, encrypted comms and data origin checkst

  • Access the data/user interface from a browser, smart device, PC or tablet.

Trend Views + Reports:

  • Live Trend Data

  • Monitored Locations in the Trend View

  • Comparative Analysis

  • View Specific Sensor Data

  • Export Reports to PDF or Spreadsheet

Customized alarms and alerts to suite your needs. (Multi-Stage Alarms, Automated Escalation, Non-Reportable Alarms.)

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Supply to complete and full system setup by seasoned pros.
Emergency Protocols
Establish emergency response when you are unavailable.
Work together with you to find and fix issues in the system
Professional, immediate, and 24-hour watch over critical research
Secan personally responds when everyone else is unavailable - insured that you are never left without help
Data Collection
Constant collection and recording of all data collected from start of monitoring
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Trusted by Laboratories, Hospitals, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Research Facilities, and Food Processing Plants.