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Changing Times

The world has changed! How it is going to look six months, one year, ten years from now… no one really knows. One thing for sure we are all more aware of the environment around us and more aware of the risks we want to expose ourselves to.

Historically Secan has advised clients, based on sound security facts balanced against risk and cost, typically staying away from marketing tactics based on fears. As we expected there are manufacturers and security companies jumping on emotional triggers and offering examples of technology to control those that may be sick from getting into your buildings.

Most of these technology-based devices are in their infancy stages of development and both their accuracy and effectiveness should be questioned. These devices are very expensive, and much consideration should be given before investing in these systems. As negative as this may sound Secan is not at this time against the use of this technology and would be pleased to work through applications that may prove to be very beneficial to helping your business operate in a safe environment. We have access to and already learning the pros and cons of these devices.

If you feel there is an opportunity that electronic screening could help maintain a safe environment, we would be happy to meet and help you consider the options and their effectiveness.

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