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Nighttime Live Video Surveillance

Start saving now, less than 50% the cost of having an on-site guard

Off-site guard

Reduce Costs

Attain the same services of having a guard on-site, the only difference being not having boots on the ground.

Save on costs of up to 2/3rds the amount versus having an on-site guard.

Boost Efficiency

With extensive and timely eyewitness checks your security will be at its absolute best.

Our professionals are not just hired for guarding your building. They are trained experts in the security field and are trusted with dealing with every situation promptly.

Flexible to Your Needs

Fully customize your Guardian system for your precise building needs. We work with you tirelessly to create the perfect system everytime.

If you are lacking the necessary surveillance equipment to fully monitor your entrances we will for no extra installation cost spruce up your system so that we can do our job.

Call Right Now To Get Your Guardian


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