Secan Technologies Inc.

Security Services

Secan is a unique security company. Our work is best explained by saying what we do not do.

 Secan is not:
- a security guard company although we can dispatch guards to a customers site, 
- a monitoring company although we receive notice almost immediately of alarms at our client's sites
- a installation company who sells and installs hardware and then leaves the customer to fend for themselves, although we can install hardware.
- a installation company that supplies proprietary hardware that ensures a long profitable future for the security company at the expense of the customer.

Secan is a security service and consulting company, we manage and maintain your security systems, respond to alarms and other corporate challenges you may have to deal with.

Secan works to protect our clients from the typical security industry. We select, recommend and install only widely supported systems and technologies. If at some point in the future you decide not to employ Secan to provide security services we will provide you with a list of other security companies that can support your security systems. 

Our services provide real value to our clients. We work to prevent our customers from spending time and resources on systems or technologies that are destined to fail.

We encourage you to do your research, be proactive and engaged in corporate security at your site, but, typically, our clients quickly switch to leaving the responsibility of managing and maintaining their security systems to us. 

For more information about the about the security services that Secan provides, please follow the links for each service:

Access control
Intrusion detection
Physical security
Video Installation and Monitoring

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services.

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