Secan Technologies Inc.

Secan's Developments and Updates

Check out our recent developments below.

Since 2012, Secan has been hiring more staff members to support their growth and has been seeing more revenue brought in annually.


-Secan Technologies relocated this year to a larger more suitable space, not far from our old location. 

- Secan's used equipment sales business is growing. We currently we have the largest selection of used industrial and laboratory equipment that we have ever had.


- Installed megapixel camera system for food warehousing company.

- Began doing preventative maintenance for biotech company following initial calibration services in 2011

- Completed audio and visual system upgrade for client's home residence.

- Successfully completed first fibre optic cable installation

- Completed significant data cabling contract for office reconfiguration.

- Complete takeover and upgrade of intrusion access control and video surveillance system for local food manufacturing company.

- Provided temporary megapixel camera system for outdoor sales event of local manufacturing company.


- Installed new professional 65" Samsung Touch screen TV in boardroom.

- Completed UPS battery replacement project for multi-shared server room company.

- Continued work on data wiring, access doors, alarm and audio visual system due to renovations of large multi-Tenant.

- Secan attended ISC West Security trade show. There was a large presence of new megapixel camera systems.

- Began significant hourly contract for providing facility validation, equipment tracking, process engineering, maintenance, consulting and service work for a biotech company based in the Lower Mainland.

- Completed the relocation of the three computer and freezer monitoring systems for cGMP regulated client.

- Began to provide calibration services for the new biotech company following the consultation

- Performed installation and monitoring of covert camera system to address internal corporate concern

 - Took over the management of residential computer network for CEO of prominent company           

- Received request for large megapixel surveillance camera system upgrade for multi-sited auto dealership.


- Secan launches a new 3rd party hosted website.

- Begins an access control and door interlock project for a local biotech company's cleanroom.

- Secan manages to complete the first 2 phases of a significant server room, electrical and HVAC upgrade project.
- Secan launches a new product, SecurCom, for 2 way audio communication with remote security sites.

- Secan completed installation of 20 cameras for a video surveillance system upgrade.

- Completed installation of new access and video system in warehouse.
- Continued work on data wiring, access doors, alarm and audio visual system due to renovations of large multi-Tenant building.
- Secan continued to provide project management of $750K server room upgrade project.
- Completed data installation for client's renovated space.

- Installed freezer monitoring system for 40 freezers at hospital research facility.

- Installed data wiring and alarm system for UBC base research company.

- Completed mega-pixel camera system upgrade of high end clothing manufactures retail space.

- Added freezers at hospital research centre.

- Added freezers to monitoring system for research centre.

- Completed audio visual system for commercial boardroom.


- Designed and supplied mega pixel security cameras to a prominent pharmaceutical service provider

- Assisted with security installation and commissioning services during the relocation of a large public technology manufacturing company.

- Secan installed and commissions their first SecurData system for a local Cryo storage company.


- Successfully supplied, installed and commissioned an ICT- Inaxsys intrusion detection and access control system for a prominent pharmaceutical service company.

- Installed and commissioned an intrusion detection and access control system for the new home of a technology manufacturing company.
- Successfully installed and commissioned an Avigilon mega pixel video surveillance system for a large public technology manufacturing company.
- Provided security consulting services to a manufacturing company.

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