Secan Technologies Inc.

Our Staff

Secan Technologies Inc. is a company with experienced individuals. Below we have listed more specific services that our employees are able to offer. 

Security Skill set:

Risk Assessment
Identification of a 
company's real risks.

System Design
Access Control
Video Surveillance
Intrusion Alarms

Project Management (owner’s representative)
System Installation

Facility Upgrades (Physical Deterrents)
Re-Enforced Entrances
Security Grills
Critical Equipment Tie Downs
Laminated Glazing
Bollards – Outside Barriers

Procedural Considerations
Integration of “Best Practices” into corporate procedures
Regular Business Hours
After Hour Use Of Facility
Entrances To Be Used
Employee Security After Hours

Alarm Code Management
Alarm System Programming


Alarm Response- Dispatch and followup
Access Control System Database


Technical Support, Hardware 

Warranty Support
System Commissioning/Routine Testing
Post Incident Clean Up
Post Incident Video Export/Distribution
Post Incident Information dissemination

Asset documentation/video for insurance purposes.

Coordinate other professional services as required. For example:

Body guard
Protest response
Private investigators
Security guards
Anti-corporate espionage

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Facilities Skill set:

Facilities Management of High Tech, Pharma/Biotech facilities.

Project Management (owner’s representative)
Facility design, constructibility, maintainability reviews.
Clean room, Design, constructibility and maintainability reviews.

Operations Management
Training Facilities/Calibration/Validation staff.

Consulting for building/equipment issues including automation, control and security.

Facility Operation, Maintenance and Support.

cGMP and cGLP Audit Preparation and participation.

Facilities / Calibration / Validation /Monitoring system design or improvement.

Procedural Considerations

Documentation to meet cGMP and ISO requirements.
For facility operations: maintenance, calibration, and validation systems.

Design Review
Factory Acceptance Testing
Installation and Commissioning of 
new or relocated equipment

Validation of temperature, humidity, light or stability, chambers and autoclaves, ovens, balances, and other manufacturing and laboratory equipment.

Calibrations Services