Secan Technologies Inc.

Facility Services

Secan Technologies Inc. has more than 20 years experience in laboratory equipment maintenance, calibration, and validation. Secan's staff have successfully been involved in cGMP audits by the FDA, & Health Canada, ISO 9000 audits and are proficient at meeting regulations.

As well, we are a licensed electrical contractor, therefore, Secan installs low voltage wiring for security and automation systems. 

Secan has grown over the past couple years and one of the significant growth areas is data wiring installation. Our clients have found that it is efficient for them to get us to provide data and phone wiring since we are typically more responsive than the traditional contractors and service providers. 

Secan provides a range of services to ensure that our clients have an efficient and functioning work environment. For more information on these services, please follow the links for each service:

Cable services
Lab equipment support

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services. 

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