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Secan is a Security & Facility Management & Services Company
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Secan Inc. has used industrial and laboratory equipment for sale here.
Secan Technologies Inc. is a licensed corporate security and facility management consulting company

Secan is also a 
licensed electrical contractor in the province of British Columbia. Our corporate mandate is to provide specialized consulting and technical services to businesses in British Columbia, Canada. Our clients are well respected corporations who value the security of their staff and assets. Secan provides your company with management solutions and complete security and facility consulting. In addition, our 24 hour monitoring service guarantees response to all emergency situations.

On our Services page, you will find details regarding our various security and facility services.

On the Best Practices page, you will find tips based on our 60 years of combined experience. 

Check in with our News and Events page from time to time and keep up to date with Secan's latest developments. 

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